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Bridging opportunities between
resources in Silicon Valley and Mexico
Bring real added value on new partnerships
Create a holding company
for stock grants, portfolio & IP
Focus on Key Technology Areas
Focus on Startup developing scalable platforms
Concept incubator / Platform developer
Our Portfolio
Higia Technologies is a Mexican biosensors company devoted to boosting women's quality of life by attaining a professionalization of the self exploration method for the eartly and effective detection of breast cancer.
We leverage real-time tv analytics with ad recognition for digital marketing.

Detect, monitor and analyze your tv campaigns in real time to synchronize them with your digital marketing, and optimize their impact.
Rever is an online platform that enables companies to engage all their employees in frontline innovation every day.

Rever demystifies innovation and makes it a daily habit for everyone.
Artificial intelligence that helps you build better relationships with your clients through chat.
The social Intelligence suite offering insights, branding and audience engagement technologies.
A simple blood test to detect disease at the molecular level.

We believe everyone should have access to accurate afforable and minimally invasive diagnostic tools.

Seamless integration of a novel molecular assay with state-of-the-art microfluidic instruments and data analytics.

Sizzle is building AI to automatically create gaming highlights. Sizzle is targeting the 700 million gaming viewers globally, who watch livestreams on Twitch and YouTube, but don't have a compelling highlights experience today.
Studio216: Transforming First Line Worker Performance using Extended Reality
Napify is a mobile app that enhances road safety with gamification through awesome rewards and experiences. It also helps to develop safer driving habits in order to access unique low cost car insurance policies.
The easiest way to buy Xbox & Steam-Pc video games in Mexico. With over 30K Cash-Points of Sale, it´s easy to pay and collect immediately.
Synx helps companies to train, deploy and run Machine Learning at scale.
We are a digital platform focused on evolving your restaurants’ experience. Improve your business profitability through empowered staff, engaged customers and strategic data.
Hero Guest
The Adext AI uses Artificial Intelligence to fully automate the media buying process in Google and Facebook Ads for e-commerce sales generation, without requiring human-in-the-loop assistance.
Using AI, VR and AR to the next level. Your AI Interior designer that brings your perfect home to life. Cloud Rendering in Real Time.
Manage your Restaurant’s Wine Cellar and help your customers enjoy their wine experience.
A Referral Incentive Program that works! Utilizing AI to Hyper Personalize the user Experience keeping track in Real Time your Referral earnings.
Integrate all your enterprise data, use it to analyze and automate your company with one platform.
Work remotely & experience extraordinary places. Plug into your ideal lifestyle with a tailor-made plan and stay productive while we handle the hard stuff.
Hundreds of thousands of passengers trust Yaxi for safe, fast travels.
State of the art infrastructure to support different payment ecosystems.
Who We Are
Antonio Rallo
Born in Columbus, Ohio, Tony holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Biology with a strong background in Applied Computing from UCSD and a Research Graduate Fellowship in Aquaculture from Aix Marseille in France. Tony has worked as a Multimedia Technologies Manager at Apple Computer, and also worked as Chief Technology Strategy VP for Televisa.

He is currently CEO of ID345, a "club of angel investors" company specializing on early stage investments on Software Scalable Platforms.